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Kwan Hua Art Gallery

From a humble establishment in 1995, Kwan Hua Art Gallery is now reputable for its fine contemporary arts, featuring a distinctive selection of authentic paintings and artifacts. With Singaporeans being increasingly interested in arts and culture, Kwan Hua Art Gallery is always on the move to introduce innovative and affordable fine arts and to reach for loftier heights in the arts industry.

Kwan Hua Art Gallery, also known as “冠华画廊”, our mandarin moniker is explained as follows: “冠 (guang)” which means “crown”; “华 (hua)” which means “Chinese” and “画廊 (hua lang)” which means “art gallery”. We believe in being a leading art gallery, to attain a crown in the Chinese arts industry through the dynamic exchange and interaction of arts, history and culture.


T J Art (Sister Gallery)

T J Art was established in 2001, with the name “T J” being the initials of the founder of Kwan Hua Art Gallery. T J Art features China’s most eminent and exceptional contemporary artists, showcasing the unique, harmonious and classic compositions of paintings and artifacts.

With our company’s motto “Tradition of Excellence”, we strive to create excellence and fineness in our arts and artifacts, and to outlive a tradition that has been established since our founding.